In a world driven by the needs and potential of individuals, there is a need for professional players in the area of personal care products as it is within this category that individuals have a serious opportunity to determine their own style and own unique expression.

With you all the way
Private Brands Italia have specialised in the development and production of personal care products for a number of European and International companies for several years. We have established broad expertise covering the whole process from identification of objectives, development, design, testing and maturation, until the product is ready for distribution and launch.

Total concept
The key to our success lies in our perception of the market, products and our working partners: Personal care products should be perceived as a whole. Fragrance, contents, design, packaging and signal value are all vital parameters when striving to create the best product.

Good cooperation
You will find the team of personal care product experts at Private Brands Italia to be professional and dedicated. Our constant focus on flexibility, product quality and on-time delivery are your guarantee of a good product.

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